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H7. Mental Health and Wellbeing

Committed since:

8 October, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 8 October, 2013

As a service provider and employer DWP is committed to embracing diversity and promoting equality of opportunity. Existing HR policies and procedures already meet the principles of the adjustments guide. Workplace adjustments, whether physical or a change in work practice or pattern, are agreed in an open conversation between the employee and line manager in the first instance. Where adjustments are more complex employees are referred to dedicated Departmental reasonable adjustment practitioners who manage the case in partnership with the individual, line manager, occupational health advisors or external specialist providers, where appropriate, to provide a suitable adjustment.

DWP is also involved in complementary activities to further progress the mental health agenda and to streamline reasonable adjustment provision e.g. jointly leading a cross-Civil Service Central Adjustment (CAT) pilot to provide an escalation route for complex adjustments. Here a centralised team acts as a Centre of Expertise offering advice to employees; and a case management service for more complex adjustments delayed at Departmental level. CAT, in partnership with the national DWP staff Equality Group is also developing a 'disability passport' to formalise adjustments agreed within line management chains. It aims to help smooth the transition for employees managing mental health conditions as they move into future job roles. The passport also provides a useful starting point for open, honest conversations around mental health; ensuring the individual and their specific needs are central to discussions.

DWP has also committed support to the Time to Change (TTC) initiative, a national campaign which aims to tackle mental health stigma and discrimination. DWP's TTC action plan is being developed in consultation with Equality Group members and Wellbeing ambassadors to agree meaningful activity to improve the experience of staff managing mental health conditions.

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