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P3. Active Travel

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 20 December, 2011

The Fit for Work Team's core business is to provide a return to work service for those people on, or at risk of long term sickness absence throughout Leicestershire. The nature of the work is that many of our clients do not own their own transport or find it difficult to travel. For this reason our face to face assessments with clients will either be: -arranged at our city centre home location to encourage the use of public transport or -close to the client's home such as in their GP surgery or a local authority owned premises (such as a library). This does necessitate the use of a car by client focused members of the team on most days. However, we are keen to encourage active travel to work.1)We will ensure that the Fit for Work offices will always be located at a site that has showering facilities available and access to safe storage of a change of clothing. 2)Our offices are located 400 meters from a city council provided safe cycle storage facility. Any cost of using this 'cycle park' (that includes showers and lockers) will be paid by Fit for Work Team not the employee. This will include third party staff contracted to work with the team. 3)All employees who live less than 3 miles from the officers will be encouraged to walk or cycle into work unless client facing duties are needed beyond 2 miles from the office on any particular day. Anyone living within 3 miles of the office will be encouraged to review the success of their 'active travel' as part of the Fit for Work Team's annual Health and Wellbeing Report. 4)We will make an award for the most active traveler in the team. The winner will be decided by consensus from all members of the team and hold the title, 'Fittest of the Fit for Work Team' for the following year. 5)We will explore any 'short term car hire service' or similar operating from Leicester city centre. This could encourage people beyond 3 miles from the offices to cycle to work and visit clients using a shared car. We will publish the success of this as part of the Fit for Work Team's annual Health and Wellbeing Report. 6)The Fit for Work Team will explore the Government's Cycle to work scheme and report the outcome in our annual Health and Wellbeing Report.

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