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P4. Physical Activity in the Workplace

Committed since:

23 December, 2014

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 29 September, 2015

BBGR incorporates Travel Plan Activities into its health and wellbeing programme. We have been awarded a Silver Award in May 2014 by Centro for top cycling location and one for top walking location. We have been working very closely with Centro to improve sustainable travel and improve health of our employees. We now have a new cycle shelter on site, as well as our own a pool of bikes for employees to use, and we pay cycle miles for employees who cycle on company business instead of driving.

We also promote walking & cycling leads that run events such as lunch-time walks, treasure hunts, fun cycling events which are very popular with employees, some activities take place during work time and others after work. This also allows the leads to own and promote the activities as requested by the employees.

Centro have also integrated discount travel to assist BBGR with carbon footprint and we also try to encourage car users to car share which again has had an excellent response rate.

BBGR also have a Wise & Well – wellbeing awareness project. This involves a monthly event, which have been events such as free fruit for employees, or a charity event. The whole idea of this project is to raise awareness of looking after yourself i.e. wear it red for the British Heart Foundation, and a smoothie bike to encourage continuous fitness as well as drinking healthy drinks.

Other activities we have lined up before the end of the year is a BBGR shake up, which will include 15 minutes exercise class along with warm up exercises.

BBGR continue investing in helping its employees make good lifestyle choices.

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