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H1. Chronic Conditions Guide and Carers

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 20 December, 2011

We will embed the principles of the chronic conditions guides (developed through the Responsibility Deal's health at work network) within HR procedures to ensure that those with chronic conditions at work are managed in the best way possible with reasonable flexibilities and workplace adjustments. The majority of the work for the Fit for Work Team is to provide vocational rehabilitation to people receiving fit notes during sickness absence, or to people still at work but at risk of long term sickness absence. A fundamental aspect of the service is to provide expert advice to employers and line managers regarding appropriate adjustments to facilitate a return to work. 89% of the 550 (December 7th 2011) cases being actively managed have mental health or musculoskeletal problems of which a significant proportion would be characterised as long term conditions. It is vital that our team reflects best practice with our own employees. For this reason we will Use 'Advice for line managers on supporting employees with long-term medical conditions' as the framework for our approach to supporting employees.Ensure the 'Advice for employees on working with a long-term medical condition' is a permanent fixture on the staff notice board. Encourage new employees with a potential long term condition (as identified in the Advice for Employees document) to notify the Clinical Director as soon as possible after recruitment.Encourage all employees who develop a long term condition to notify the Clinical Director as possible.Through dialogue with the Clinical Director, encourage the development of a 'Work Adjustment Plan' for all employees identified with a long term condition. This should be signed off by the employee and Clinical Director, and can be updated by mutual agreement Arrange a review of all episodes of sickness absence, not attributable to short term self-limiting illness, to identify potential workplace adjustments that could have prevented the absence or led to earlier return to work. Where long term conditions cause recurrent sickness absence, develop a Workplace Recovery Plan as part of, or independent to the 'Work Adjustment Plan'.Encourage all staff at all levels to recognise where a health condition has led to, or is caused by a conflict or potential for conflict at work or risk of sickness absence.Where any such conflict or potential conflict arises, agree a commitment from all staff to implement a process of independent informal mediation before any grievance or disciplinary process.

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