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Submitted: 30 April, 2015

We remain committed in working towards the 2012 salt targets and are continually reviewing our products against the specified category targets.This year we have seen further positive outcomes with salt reduction across several of our key product lines, which historically have been a challenge to meet. E.g.the 24% reduction in the levels of sodium within our core menu beef burger. We have also seen a reduction of 23% in our beef pie.These reductions will have a positive impact on our top ten dishes.

We have recently implemented a new food master data management solution system which will enable us to produce robust nutritional information more efficiently. It will also give us greater visibility of the salt levels in all the products and dishes that we sell. For some of our products, we do require the manufacturers to develop a technical solution for products that remain a challenge.These include meat products, such as bacon and sausages which will maintain the quality and shelf life of the product. Additional categories, including bread and cheese, also remain challenging to meet guidelines due to the functionality of certain products where salt is required for a number of reasons. We hope to continue to work with suppliers to find acceptable solutions to meet these challenges. With technical solutions currently being a focus point for manufacturers we anticipate that salt levels will continue to decrease.

Through more structured reporting mechanics, we will continue to identify products that are over the salt target and will look to reformulate or delist from our supply chain. For products that currently do not meet the specified target levels, we will continue to work with our suppliers and hope to make further staged reductions over the coming year and, where possible, look for suitable alternatives. We'll continue to review the quality and flavour profiles of our ingredients to identify products that lie outside of the targets for further recipe development

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