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Submitted: 15 April, 2013

As part of our on-going commitment to reduce the levels of salt within our supply chain, we have made further progress in meeting the 2012 salt targets and currently meet around 95% of the salt targets within our core estate. This year we have already seen a 7% reduction in the levels of sodium in our back bacon across our estate. We have also seen a reduction in salt content across some of our named branded products including Heinz. With technical solutions currently being a focus point for manufactures we anticipate that salt levels will continue to improve.

For products that currently do not meet the specified target levels we will be reviewing over the next few months and where possible look for suitable alternatives.

For our Premium rural inn estate we will be undergoing a distribution change, which is likely to take place after the 30th of April. The majority of these products will be fresh ingredients, however, we will be reporting on some products after this has taken place.

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