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P3. Active Travel

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 18 February, 2013

The steps Matrix Chambers will take to meet this pledge are:1. We will continue to encourage more active travel by our staff by upholding the keep, accessibility and security of the Matrix bike shed.2. Applications for contributions to the cost of bike locks, cycling helmets, night lights and high-visibility bands will be considered up to the value of £50.3. Quotes to improve the quality and quantity of our present showering facilities are currently being collected. By December 2013 we hope to have implemented a more attractive and user friendly shower facility to encourage more staff members to cycle, run or walk to work. This may also include the provision of lockers to store exercise kit.4. Project Manager to arrange a Bikeability training provider to provide road cycle training to staff members cycling or aiming to cycle to work.5. We will encourage clients to walk and cycle to Chambers by offering the option to download walking or cycling routes from our website. Clients will be able to access the Matrix bike shed should they arrive by bicycle.6. Matrix continues to offer the Fair Care Cycle to Work scheme to those who wish to purchase a bicycle in order to cycle to work.7. For a number of years Matrix has held a Health Week. During this week, staff are encouraged to follow certain rules during the week such as using the stairs instead of the lift (if appropriate), walking short journeys, getting off the bus a stop early and walking the rest of the way, wearing a Pedometer every day and attempting to walk 10,000 steps per day (the recommended distance to maintain a healthy lifestyle). Exercise classes are organised, such as Pilates and Dance. External professionals, such as nutritionists and ergonomic experts, are invited to talk to the staff team, share tips/exercises and carry out work station assessments. We will repeat this Health Week, putting on similar activities, in 2013.8. Matrix to ascertain how many members walk/cycle to work at least once a week at present and aim to increase this number by 10% during the first year of signing up to the PHRD.

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