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P3. Active Travel

Committed since:

5 April, 2011

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 10 January, 2012

The Department of Health is keen to promote active travel both for commuting purposes and as a travel mode during the working day to meetings, etc. We are therefore working with DH estates to look at the feasibility of establishing a Barclays bicycle terminal outside or near our Richmond House office in Whitehall and providing information on the use of the Barclays cycles to all staff via our intranet. We are working with Sustrans to secure opportunities to appoint and train active travel champions (as part of a Department of Transport cross-Government initiative to relieve transport burden during the Olympics). In particular, we will be promoting active travel across the Department during July and August through the Civil Service Physical Activity Challenge. We are actively engaging, in partnership with HASSRA, with the 5k your way to encourage staff participation in the London event (with other London boroughs and public sector organisations). As part of this work we will be training walking, jogging and running staff leaders to support colleagues to be more active, including walking to meetings in other buildings.We will measure staff travel choices in 2012 to identify changing trends. We will promote, with a view to increasing, the number of staff who access the Departments cycle scheme. The Department of Health aims to achieve a year on year sustainable increase in active staff travel.

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