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H3. Health & Wellbeing Report

Committed since:

9 May, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 3 April, 2014

The Trust's Health and Wellbeing Strategy sets out what the Trust offers in terms of a range of wellbeing resources; its aim is to set out the Trust's commitment to supporting staff health and wellbeing and to encourage staff to take personal responsibility for their own health. The Trust has a comprehensive Wellbeing at Work section on its intranet site which lists all the Trust's wellbeing resources, activities, information and promotes a range of fitness campaigns throughout the year.

Sickness absence rates are a key performance indicator for the organisation and these are reported to the Trust Board as well as to each clinical division and corporate area and regularly monitored at a local and Board level. Divisional action plans focus on reasons for absence and remedial actions to increase attendance. The Trust offers two in-house fast-track services for staff: Physiotherapy and Counselling. These aim at preventing potential absence from work or speed up return to work. There is also a comprehensive Employee Assistance Programme with 24/7 helpline and counselling options. Furthermore there is an on-site health club with a full programme of sports, fitness classes, pool, social club.

Future Plans:

- Review of in-house fast track counselling service pilot in October 2013
- Further develop the intranet pages to ensure that up-to-date information is provided on the services and initiatives which the Trust offers
- Explore the addition of a section on health and wellbeing of staff and patients on the Trust's external website
- Report on health and wellbeing activity in the Trust's Annual Report
- Provide regular updates on the delivery of our Health and Wellbeing Strategy to the Trust Board e.g. report on return on investment of our health and wellbeing initiatives

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