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H8. Young People in the Workplace

Committed since:

16 September, 2014

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 24 October, 2014

In making this committment to young people in the workplace, we also recognise the benefits of positive health promotion to all ages, particularly mindful of the challenges for an ageing workforce.
As part of developing our employee proposition and employer brand, we will be emphasising the mutual responsibilities for maintaining personal health and wellbeing of both our trust and our staff. It is important for new entrants to recognise the importance we place on this and so reference will be made as appropriate in our recruitment material. In particular, potential staff will be signposted to our health and wellbeing web pages where they will see the information and resources that will enable them to develop and maintain their health. This aspect of the plan will be overseen by the Trust Recruitment and Retention Group who will also ensure that exit interview data relating to health and wellbeing is captured and analysed. Induction sessions (which are compulsory for all staff) from January 2015 will include specific reference to health and wellbeing issues and a description of the resources available to new starters.
All resources on our website will be cross referenced and include sections on physical health, mental health, diet, internal and external facilities as well as across the broader Gloucestershire healthcare community. By June 2015 we plan to develop 'New Starter Questionnaires' which seek to capture the experience of staff who have joined 6 months previously and will be building in questions relating to their knowledge of and confidence in accessing the resources described.

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