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H4. Healthier Staff Restaurants

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 19 December, 2011

Artizian is a quality, fresh food caterer supplying: restaurants, cafés, coffee bars, and licensed bars; and providing reception, office and hospitality services to a growing national portfolio of clients. We are bespoke, inspirational, cutting edge and dynamic with a focus on fresh, healthy, locally produced, seasonal food. Artizian operate 14 contracts around the UK serving around 30,000 meals a week. We are committed to sourcing, cooking and serving the best fresh food and providing our team players with the information to enable them to make healthier dietary and lifestyle choices.

We are pleased to announce that since September 2012 we have undertaken an extensive programme to further educate, inform and inspire our team players to develop healthier diets and lifestyle. Initiatives include:

A monthly Nutrition Bites communication available to all team players. The objective is to raise awareness of the relevance of nutrition to support optimum health and wellbeing.

From January 2013 team players have been encouraged to follow a monthly Bite Size Steps initiative as part of our Artizian Wellbeing Challenge. Each month team players are encouraged to make small changes to their diets: for example, monitor portion control, keep hydrated, eat more fibre, cut back on salt, eat more wholefoods and eat less sugar. Each month is supported with a Tasty Inspiration handout and follows the government Change 4 Life programme.

All team players are provided a free, healthy lunch.

All team players receive on site nutrition and healthy eating training and have access to our customer Discovery Days held on site 4 times a year. Each day is supported by an information leaflet which has been provided to every team player in the business.

All team players have access to our Manager – Nutrition and Wellbeing who was recruited to support our initiatives in September 2012.

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