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H2. Occupational Health Standards

Committed since:

5 April, 2011

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 10 January, 2012

The Department of Health has contracted with our occupational health provider, Medigold Health Consultancy Ltd, to meet the requirements of this pledge and they have supplied the following information: Medigold Health Consultancy Ltd is committed to and supports the SEQOHS accreditation process of six domains (Business Probity, People, Information Governance, Facilities and Equipment, Relationships with Purchasers and Relationships with Workers) and its aims which are to: enable services to identify the standards of practice to which they should aspire credit good work being done by high quality occupational health services, providing independent validation that they satisfy standards of quality raise standards where they need to be raised help purchasers differentiate occupational health services that attain the desired standards from those that do not Not only do we support the SEQOHS accreditation process as an organisation but with our close links to the Commercial Occupational Health Providers Association (COHPA). Our Executive Chairman, Dr Michael Goldsmith, is Honorary Life President, and our Managing Director, Mrs Geny Foster is the current Chairman. At its 2011 AGM, COHPA were delighted to welcome Dr Sally Coomber FFOM FRCP Clinical Lead and Mr Darran Cahill, SEQOHS Accreditation Manager, who provided an update presentation to COHPA members. We can confirm that Medigold Health Consultancy has contracted with SEQOHS to undertake the Accreditation and acknowledge through our application to join the SEQOHS Accreditation Scheme that we will be undertaking to meet the SEQOHS Standards and achieve full accreditation within two years. In doing so, we are committed to providing clear evidence that we have met all of the SEQOHS standards, and to maintaining and improving those standards. We anticipate the following implementation timetable:Stage One Registration ad Application Completed State One Online assessment preparation completed January 2012Stage One Online assessment - February 2012 Stage Two Accreditation Readiness Assessment May 2012Stage Two Accreditation - Online SEQOHS Accreditation Submission May 2012Stage Two Accreditation - No later than June 2012 (this timescale is dependent on the availability of audit).

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