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P4. Physical Activity in the Workplace

Committed since:

24 June, 2014

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 7 July, 2014

KHP aims to create a centre where world-class research, education and clinical practice (the ‘tripartite mission’) are brought together for the benefit of patients which includes staff.
We want to make sure the lessons from research are used more swiftly, effectively and sympathetically to improve healthcare services for people with physical and/or mental health care problems.
In transforming healthcare for the whole person, we will achieve this through our commitment to integrated mental and physical healthcare research, education and clinical delivery, across our breadth of services and from conception to the last days of life.

We aim to:
* transform outcomes for patients with both mental and physical health conditions, to ensure that care in all healthcare settings address the whole person, and is patient centred;
* expand our international programme of research and provide comprehensive innovative staff education programmes;
* develop and evaluate novel and integrated mental and physical healthcare pathways in collaboration with commissioners, patients and primary care colleagues.
More specifically, we will:
* address underlying physical health risk factors which contribute to the excess mortality experienced by patients with enduring mental health problems;
* reduce the adverse impact of mental health disorders on outcomes of long-term conditions and medically unexplained symptoms;
* integrate service provision for the whole person throughout all of our specialties.
Academic Integrated Care System

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