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H1. Chronic Conditions Guide and Carers

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 20 December, 2011

"Humber NHS Foundation Trust" (the Trust) is committed to supporting all staff to achieve a balance between health and work so that they can regularly and reliably attend work. This will be achieved by establishing clear and open communication so staff can keeping in touch.The Trust details how they are to achieve this in the following documents:-Managing attendance policy -Mid employment assessment protocol-Employee/employer in-house patient satisfaction surveysThe Trust has assessed its process against National Institute for Health Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidance on managing long-term sickness absence and incapacity for work (March 2009) and found it was already meeting this guidance.Roles and responsibilities are clearly laid out in organisational process. The primary responsibility for managing employee's health in relation to work rests with the individual's manager. The human resource team and the occupational health department have responsibility for providing clear, fair advice and support to both managers and staff. The Trust recognises the value of a case managed approach to employee health condition management. The trust has an established track record of use of early occupational health intervention, rehabilitation to enable working and making reasonable adjustment to work when needed arising from an employee suffering disabilities or chronic health conditions.Last year of the 339 (16% of workforce) new referrals to the occupational health department 267 employers were supported by the trust to be able to return to/continue in their usual unadjusted role, 12 were placed in alternative work, 14 are able to continue working with adjustments to their duties and/or work hours (including cases that are ongoing), 1 resigned, 4 were retired on the grounds of ill health and 41 cases are on going but not at work (these figures include cases referred just prior to the year end).Of the 217 completed cases 97% of employees were successfully supported to stay/return back into to the workplace. As part of ensuring consistent management approaches to supporting employees with chronic health conditions the trust has commenced delivery of an in house management development programme. The first cohort of mangers completed this program in September 2011 and rated the training highly.

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