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F4. Calorie Reduction

Committed since:

9 March, 2015

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 9 March, 2015

Holroyd Howe operates as a food service provider in the independent school sector. We currently work with nearly 100 schools across the country.
Our Half Measures Initiative is part of a company-wide strategy to offer the healthiest and most nutritionally balanced school meals possible, whilst also educating school pupils through our Cooking for Life scheme. This scheme equips pupils with life skills that will set them on a healthy long-term path.
The Half Measures Initiative was initiated at one of our schools which has seen the amount of sugar used in school meals reduced by half, cutting sugar purchased down by 20kg per week. This dramatic reduction of sugar in pupils’ diets has been improved further still by encouraging pupils to reduce sugar addition to hot beverages and on breakfast cereals.
To meet this pledge we will therefore focus on reformulating our recipes e.g. flapjacks, brownies etc. resulting in lower calorie and more healthy choices. Over the next six months we will be rolling out the reformulation of our standard dessert recipes across the business.

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