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H4. Healthier Staff Restaurants

Committed since:

11 September, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 26 November, 2013

At Dartmouth General Contractors, we are passionate and committed to the implementation & promotion of health & well-being of our staff and supply chain.

We will be launching our 'Health and Well-Being' programme in January 2014, which sets out key strategic areas to assist and promote healthier life styles, within our staff and supply chain.

One of the identified strategic areas is , 'Healthier Staff Restaurants'.

This extends over a number of areas including, within office environment and external construction delivery process, tackling both working environments taking into consideration, differences in physical and mental attitudes / behaviors.

We will cover the following as part of our Health & Well-Being programme:

1. Promotion of healthy eating within work place, targeting vending outlets & external catering, promoting 5 a day within meals.

2. Promoting good foods, aligned with physical exercise, eating right foods at right time of day.

3. Staff interaction, encouraging sharing great balanced food ideas, such as 'Monthly Recipe Guide' 'Cook It Score It' end of year Dartmouth Cook Off Champion.

4. Poster campaigns and sign posting to NHS Choices, will be a key driver to all construction sites.

We will use our existing communication routes with Staff & Supply Chain including, Internet, e-mails, team performance reviews, workshops, customer engagement days.

The above programme is championed by the 'Operations Manager' who will hold position of coordinator and reporting to Dartmouth Board and Department of Health.

It is envisaged that our 'Health and Well-Being Programme' will encourage / promote healthier lifestyles to all within there activities both in and out of the workplace, whilst also having some fun.

Operations Manger
Dartmouth General Contractors.

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