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Submitted: 30 April, 2013

As part of our continued commitment to reduce the amount of salt across our range of food and drink products in line with the FSA 2012 Salt Reduction targets we have continued to challenge not only our supplier base but also our kitchen & procurement teams to ensure that both salt contents and reduced calorie counts are high on the agenda in development phases. Indeed the development process has a review of the nutritional impact of new products on our menu as part of our launch process.

We are also committed to reducing the salt in our ranges through targeted redevelopment of existing product categories and in some instances individual products. As part of this targeted recipe redevelopment program in 2012 we reduced the salt content of the bouillons used in our PHO soup ranges by 48.2% and in early 2013 we reduced the amount of salt in our range of filled baguettes (one of our biggest sales categories) by 16.7%.

Where we have products that are inherently higher in salt due to the style of product (cured meats and some cheeses), we proactively look to keep their presence on our menus to a minimum as part of a balanced offering to our customers focusing on good, fresh and uncomplicated food.

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