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H10. Construction and Civil Engineering Industries

Committed since:

7 January, 2014

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 20 January, 2014

Amalgamated Construction (Amco) is fully committed to the effective management of Occupational Health and Employee Well Being.

Our strategy is to ensure, as far as is reasonably practical, that:

• All individuals that we employ or intend to employ are fully fit to undertake their duties in a safe and effective manner.

• Employees who are, or may be, at risk of suffering ill health as a result of their work are identified and appropriate steps taken to prevent any deterioration of their health or any identified pre-existing condition.

• The processes operated by the company, including their associated control measures, do not expose employees and sub contract personnel to risks that may contribute to ill health.

• Issues within the employment relationship that may impact on an employee’s well-being or ability to be able to undertake their role effectively and efficiently are investigated and resolved.

• Work related incidents and long-term absences are reduced to an absolute minimum.

• Employees who have suffered illness or injury at work are supported as appropriate, including rehabilitation, to facilitate their early return to work.

The company delivers this strategy through an Occupational Health Management System, and procedures, which are designed primarily to identify, mitigate and manage any ill health risks to which our employees and sub-contractors, whilst operating on our sites, may be exposed and secondly, to promote employee health and well-being at all stages of the employment relationship.

From the commencement of the employment relationship we work collaboratively with our employees to establish a base line of their current state of health and well-being and any specific health surveillance regime that may be required. This assessment process is repeated upon any change in role, and otherwise annually as a minimum, in order to identify and address any changes in health, well-being or health surveillance requirements. Our goal at all times is the continuation of meaningful employment, including where appropriate, adjustment to individual working practices and duties.

As part of our ongoing commitment to the improvement of employee health and well-being we operate a 24 hour Employee Assistance Programme and employ staff who are specifically trained to support well-being issues.

Our Occupational Health Provider is certified to SEQOHS.

The targets within our 2014 Action Plan are:

• To include Employee Health and Well Being matters within the company’s annual report - Target Date 30 November 2014

• To implement a rolling programme of “Improving Your Health” Seminars across the company, which are designed to raise awareness of health issues, influence individual behaviours and make a positive impact on the lives of employees and their families.

? Completion of Pilot Seminar Programme – Target Date 28 February 2014
? Roll out of Main Seminar Programme – Target Date 30 April 2014

• To take up membership of Constructing Better Health – Target Date 28 February 2014

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