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Submitted: 30 April, 2013

Under A8 – Alcohol Unit Reduction, we have pledged to reduce the number of units available in market. And it addition to what we've committed to within our USA rose portfolio, we are also continuing work with our Light offering.

From our WineNation research we know that the trend for Light or low-in-alcohol wines continues within the UK & EU markets. Based on our industry leading research, we know that the biggest potential for growth of low alcohol wine comes from female wine drinkers looking for healthier options, who might be looking to cut down on their alcohol and calorie intake during the week. These are consumers who may drink wine two to three times per week and who are very conscious of diet and calories. The market for this category is currently in growth at +15% value and +12% volume*, indicating a huge opportunity for low alcohol wine. This growth not only indicates that new consumers are buying into the category but that they are returning - 22%** of this volume is repeat purchase.

There is a broader UK trend seeing consumers switch to healthier alternative products. Nearly 75% of consumers are buying into lighter/healthier food and drink options***, which has increased by 12% between 2007-2010. The key insight is simple; consumers want the same great taste they are used to from their favourite wine brands but with less calories.

In response to genuine consumer demand, we launched Banrock Station Light White and Rosé at 5.5% abv, and at only 60 calories per 125ml glass, this meets both of these consumer desires. Banrock Station Light is driving the category forward as it is currently the fastest growing brand in the low alcohol market.****

*Nielsen to 13.10.12
**Kantar Worldpanel data 52 w/e to 30 Sep 2012
***GB TGI Q3 2007-2010 (April –March) / Mintel
****Nielsen to 13.10.12

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