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H3. Health & Wellbeing Report

Committed since:

16 September, 2014

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 24 October, 2014

We already include commentary on the health and wellbeing of our staff within our annual report. We are co-authoring with Staff Side colleagues a Staff Health and Wellbeing Strategy, ready for publication in early 2015. An update was given to the Trust Board on sickness management in July 2014 and they will receive the strategy formally for approval in January 2015. A presentation was made to Trust Governors in July 2014 and they will also be updated periodically with our progress on this agenda.
Currently our sickness absence rate on a 12 month rolling basis is 3.75% and we continue to monitor this by ward/department on a monthly basis. We launched a new sickness absence management policy in the Spring of 2014 and will formally measure the effectiveness of the policy after one year. We began collecting reasons for sickness at the end of 2013. As a result we are able to identify the top 3 reasons for sickness by both staff group and division. The intention is to use this data to be able to make corporate and local interventions. The preponderance of stress/mental health issues generally has allowed us to seek investment for specific training for both managers and staff, whereas the discrepancies between different divisions and certain staff groups also renders local solutions on occasions. Data is reviewed at divisional level but also corporately via the Staff Health and Wellbeing Group. This group reports to the Trust Health and Wellbeing Group who in turn report to the Trust Sustainability Group (a sub-committee of the Board) who consider the sustainability of our workforce as a key issue. Further monitoring/action regarding sickness takes place at the monthly Divisional Executive reviews, which is the opportunity for divisional senior managers to discuss a range of issues with executives, not least amongst which are workforce issues, including sickness levels. All divisions are working to the trust target of 3% and this is embedded as a Trust annual objective.

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