Horsham District Council

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H8. Young People in the Workplace

Committed since:

25 March, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 11 April, 2013

We will provide:
• Optional wellbeing MOT at the beginning of each work experience placement/apprenticeship, for young people to monitor their wellbeing, and to see whether the raised activity involved with working makes a difference to their overall health. A readout will identify hidden health issues which young people may not be aware of (e.g. body fat, muscle mass, bone density). This would encourage the young person to start early intervention into their future health issues. The Work Experience Coordinator may identify any health issues, leading to potential difficulties with their attendance/completion, and can put in place any necessary steps to ensure their engagement.
• Health information will be included in a Resource Pack, issued to all young people taking part in the work experience /employment with the Council. This information would be discussed with the young person at the beginning and end of the placement, and they could be signposted to our in-house Wellbeing Service, fitness/activity sessions, smoking cessation groups, alcohol awareness programmes and healthy eating. Any wellbeing changes may be seen at the end of the placement after an optional follow-up MOT, highlighting the benefits of raised activity by working, and the results of a healthy lifestyle by any changes in the readout.
• In partnership with DC Leisure, we will encourage young people to increase their levels of physical activity by promoting the general activity programmes at the Leisure Centres.
• In-house lunchtime activity sessions (e.g. yoga and health walks) will be offered. Head Massage and shoulder massage is available through our Personnel department. This may encourage them to look at these treatments as an alternative to alcohol and other substance abuse for stress relief.
• Use of the District Council’s Leisure Access Card will be discussed and encouraged if eligible and appropriate. This offers a range of activity and leisure discounts across the district to qualifying individuals.
• We will liaise with our Personnel department to expand on the current available LEON in-house learning modules to include Health and Wellbeing. These could be developed with young people in mind, with interactive quizzes/games to highlight the health issues faced by them at various stages through their lives.

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