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A7(a). Community Actions to Tackle Alcohol Harms

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 19 December, 2011

The Alcohol Education Trust (AET) has a very specific remit, the provision of engaging alcohol education materials to pupils aged 11-16 via the PSHE classroom and their parents and the provision of evidence based, evaluated resources and lesson plans for teachers. The trustees of the charity are all career teachers and include a retired head teacher, and an SEN specialist.Resources include a 500 page website of games, activities and information for 11 - 16 year olds, their parents and teachers via and a teacher work book, DVD and dedicated website for teachers ( with film clips, quizzes, games, lesson plans, work sheets and ideas clearly laid out by subject, such as: assessing knowledge, units and guidelines, staying safe, alcohol and the law and alcohol and its effects - physical and social. There is also a 'Talkaboutalcohol' presentation for parents in school. The resources were peer reviewed and piloted in 10 schools before being refined, extended and made available to secondary schools in 2010. The materials comprise of a large range of exercises, worksheets and scenarios based on value and behavioural perspectives (lifeskills and social norms).The resources are designed to work in conjunction with local providers such as the police and PSHE coordinators. The resources are currently being independently evaluated by the National Foundation for Education Research with the PSHE Association and Professor David Kerr of Birbeck College as 'critical friends', as to the programme's impact on attitudes and knowledge and behaviour change among 3000 pupils in 34 schools (17 intervention 17 control) between 2011-13.The AET has partnered with community alcohol partnerships (CAP) to ensure that secondary schools in the CAP areas receive AET resources and guidance for three years. As part of this multi-component approach at local level, the AET will help ensure that schools are aware of CAP and engage with local partners regarding underage alcohol concerns in their community. We pledge to help deliver desired interim outcomes from the Responsibility Deal, namely that pupils have increased knowledge of units, alcohol health harms and to reduce the % of under 15's consuming alcohol (age of onset) and the incidence of binge and higher risk drinking if they begin to consume alcohol. The AET embraces the concept of 'nudging' young people into better behaviours by encouraging them to take personal responsibility, to resist social coercion and peer pressure. A harm reduction approach provides both drinkers and non drinkers with strategies that reduce the chances of harm occurring as well as incorporating important non-use and delayed use strategies for both pupils and parents.CAP has pledged to provide every secondary school located in a CAP area with AET resources for a three-year period (teacher work book, DVD, and booklets for pupils and parents for one year group). Parent presentations are also offered in key cap areas. Costs for the resources, including postage are reimbursed to us through the CAP officer (WSTA/RASG).The areas we are currently working with are: Islington, London Bedford Borough Biddulph, Staffordshire Tiverton, mid Devon Barnsley, Yorkshire Ely, East Cambridgeshire Durham Ludlow/Oswestry, Shropshire Havant and GosportCAP hopes to be operational in 110 districts over three years.

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