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H7. Mental Health and Wellbeing

Committed since:

23 December, 2014

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 29 September, 2015

BBGR focuses on providing opportunities for employees to take an active approach in improving their overall health and wellbeing, via nutritional awareness, mental health awareness (reducing stigma and discrimination in the workplace), physical fitness opportunities, and teambuilding & engagement activities.

Diversity and Inclusion
On an annual basis, managers deliver toolbox talks around Equality and Diversity. We need to ensure that our processes, attitudes and behaviours, do not deliberately or inadvertently lead to groups or individuals being treated less favourably than others. By committing to this, it enables us to grow our business and draw on diverse skills, knowledge and expertise available to us.

BBGR enable volunteering to take place when projects arise that the business can assist with e.g. clearing community gardens. BBGR is also looking at rolling out a volunteering programme that works with its national Charity RNIB. Not only does it help raise money and awareness but it also helps those people in need.

Mental Health
In order to promote overall health and wellbeing we will offer fitness and wellbeing-related activities on site which includes the cycling and walking activities led by our employees. Events and activities will continue to be rolled out over the course of the year.

Employee Engagement Team
To help promote engagement we have a group of employees who schedule various activities, including social inclusion. The team will lead on projects throughout the year including World Sight Day, summer barbeques/picnics and end of year Christmas party.

Employee Assistance Programme
For the last two years BBGR has an EAP programme that offers free and confidential support to its employees 24/7. We will continue to offer employee support through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and actively encourage our employees to use the scheme.

BBGR continue investing in helping its employees to make good lifestyle choices.

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