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P2. Physical Activity Guidelines

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 19 December, 2011

Bounty has an online resource for the Tommy's Five Point Pregnancy Plan that increases awareness of the importance of nutrition; a healthy weight; taking exercise; quitting smoking and mental well-being in pregnancy.Resources at include:Nutrition Information on supplements to take during pregnancyInformation on a healthy diet, 'Stop and Swap' - which recommends healthy alternatives to everyday foodsAccess to the 'Tommy's healthy pregnancy meal planner'.WeightAbility to check body mass index (BMI) with the online BMI calculatorOrder a free Tommys guide on weight management in pregnancy.Exercise Information on exercise in pregnancyTommys five for fifteen exercise plan.Smoking cessationInformation on the effects of smoking in pregnancy - animation and Tommys midwife videoDirection to NHS stop smoking servicesTommys smoking cost calculator shows baby items that can be bought from the money saved by not smoking.Mental healthA well-being testTop tips for mental well-being in pregnancy.So far: Since the launch of the plan in September 2011 we have had a total of over 16,500 impressions on the different webpages about the plan.The online resources were initially promoted through a credit card style leaflet that went to 950,000 pregnant women, through our bounty 'pregnancy information pack', which goes to every pregnant woman nationwide, at her first midwife appointment.The plan so far has also had a wealth of press coverage and has been highlighted through our social media channels.Still to do:We intend to build on this success through a targeted email programme that has already started - an automatic email (with clickable links) to the 30,000 new pregnant members that join Bounty each month, with email follow up as appropriate.In addition to this, in the spring of 2012, we plan to spotlight targeted email campaigns on individual health issues within the plan; for example, quitting smoking and awareness of mental well-being.With Tommys we plan to regularly add new materials as and when they are available, for example, antenatal exercise videos.As well as targeting pregnant women, materials will be disseminated to healthcare professionals nationwide through our Bounty Health Network (BHN). An expert from Tommys will teach BHN trainers about the plan in January 2012, so that they can spread awareness through to healthcare professionals, so they in turn can share knowledge with patients to improve their lifestyles.We will also advertise the plan and its health benefits where possible, for example in our guide 'you and your pregnancy' (in our pregnancy information pack, see above).We will continue to promote the Tommys freephone pregnancy line online and also through our relevant online community forums.We will review the effect of all this through our 30,000 strong Word of mum panel in 2012 and we regularly get snapshots of how the information is being received through regular interaction with our membership.

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