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Group of pledges:

Health at Work

Annual Update:

Submitted: 30 April, 2013

In addition to the specific pledge updates the Health and Wellbeing Steering Group has continued to meet on a quarterly basis and achievements for 2012/2013 include:

• Sign up to H7 Mental Health Adjustments Pledge. The Trust is a member of the Mindful Employer Charter and has a well- established Positive Assets Team, who, in addition to supporting 40 current employees/volunteers in our Trust also work with over 50 Hull based businesses from across the Public, Private and Voluntary sectors in promoting and changing cultural change towards mental health issues. Initiatives include training to managers/supervisors and staff in stress awareness and mental health awareness and policy, practice and consultation and events
• Staff engagement and consultation. The Trust continues to conduct the annual NHS staff satisfaction survey. The Staff Health and Well being Group puts forward to the Trust Board two proposed areas for improvement each year based on the findings from the annual survey. Action plans are developed by and the implementation monitored by the Health and Wellbeing Steering Group. For 2012/2013 these were:
- Review the way in which the Trust communicates internally. This has led to a reduction in duplication of meetings/forums and an increase in staff engagement and Director visibility
- Review of the quality of Performance and Development Reviews (PADRs) being undertaken in the Trust following on from the review of the training, paperwork and process undertaken last year. This audit was conducted in March 2013 and will be reviewed at the Health and Wellbeing Steering Group in May.
Two new areas for 2013/2014 are currently being considered by the Trust Board.
• Improving the psychological wellbeing of the organisation focusing on training managers and staff to recognise and act upon the not so obvious mental health related symptoms such as presenteeism and somatisation.
• Assessing the health of the organisation through a health and well-being improvement and monitoring framework.

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