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H7. Mental Health and Wellbeing

Committed since:

28 February, 2014

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 28 February, 2014

H7. Mental Health and Wellbeing
Delivery Plan

Why we’re signing up and what we do already
We place significant importance on our employee’s workplace wellbeing and intend to use this pledge to continue our focus on mental health illness. We recognise our responsibility to support employees and will therefore develop a strategy to ensure this focus continues and develops. Over the last few years we have implemented support in a number of different ways including:
• Employee Wellbeing Programme. This is available to all employees and provides a whole host of initiatives, materials and support which help employees proactively manage their own wellbeing.
• Stress Risk Assessment.
• Stress Management Training. This is a module within our Line Manager training programme.
• Return to work support and actively making reasonable adjustments.

What we pledge to do during 2014/2015:
1. Conduct employee focus group(s) to understand employee views on potential initiatives that would promote ‘workplace wellbeing’.
2. Create clinical pathways with our external providers for Occupational Health, Private Medical Insurance and Employee Wellbeing Programme. This will ensure a holistic approach to supporting our employees.
3. Continue making reasonable adjustments for those living with mental illness and embed use of the ‘Staying Well Plan’ as part of that process.
4. Design a training programme specifically to support resilience in challenging major project environments.

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