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H10. Construction and Civil Engineering Industries

Committed since:

15 November, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 4 February, 2014

We have adopted an occupational health strategy the key aims of which are to:

*ensure safety critical workers are fit for work;
*prevent work-related cancers and other chronic ill-health conditions caused or made worse by work;
*promote well-being and health lifestyles while recognising that this remains a matter of personal choice;
*mitigate the imapct of cardiac arrest at work.

At the core of the strategy is a commitment for all contract management plans to contain an occupational health section which will set out the arrangements, as appropriate, for:
*identification of key health risks and arrangements for their management. There will be a strategic focus on preventing and controlling exposures to carcinogens;
*access to occupational health services including facilitation of supply chain access to those services. In the UK our occupational health provider is accredited to SEQOHS;
*access to local primary health care;
*on-site medical facilities;
*identification and screening of safety critical workers;
*health surveillance;
*health promotion;
*face-fit testing for RPE; and
*management of fatigue.

We will develop and deliver training for our managers to raise their awareness of key health risks and of our strategy.

We will work with our occupational health provider to facilitate access for our supply chain to their occupational health services. We will involve the supply chain in activities such as health promotion.

We will also publicly report on health matters in the Health & Safety section of our Annual Sustainability report.

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