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H1. Chronic Conditions Guide and Carers

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 2 March, 2012

Carillion acknowledges that its employees are its greatest asset. As a result, Carillion is committed to not only looking after but improving the welfare and wellbeing of each one. Research conducted around the Carillion business into chronic illnesses and the awareness thereof led to the conclusion that there was more that we as a business could do to educate our people about this. An action plan was created and, amongst the measures now being put in place, are: A review of the Welfare Wellbeing Policy, which will serve to educate all our people, particularly line managers, about chronic illnesses, including the definition of a chronic illness, the effects that chronic illness can have and how best to support direct reports/team members that are affected.The development of a new publication similar to an existing Family Friendly Booklet to aid with communication of the revised policy around the business and to inform Carillion people about the support available for those affected by chronic illness. The new publication links directly with our corporate Sustainability pledge on disability - creating an inclusive, supportive environment….which meets the needs of employees. The creation of a new line manager training session Managing Employees with Chronic Illnesses which automatically forms part of our Top Ten Line Manager Basic Training Sessions. Line managers will be encouraged via a planned Communications programme to take part, whether they are new to Carillion or simply needing information as a refresher.Planned promotion of the revised Welfare Wellbeing Policy as a first point of contact on this topic by the entire Carillion HR community, together with the HR communitys support in promoting the new booklet and the benefits of participation in the new training course.Our research also revealed that employees affected by chronic illnesses are more likely to experience longer periods of sick leave owing to the nature of their ailments. With this in mind, we also aim to: Review Carillions Sickness Absence Policy and create an Absence Management Policy which provides guidance on how to support employees absent from work on long-term sick leave. It is envisaged that the reviewed Policies will detail everything line managers need to know when dealing with sickness absence, particularly long-term sickness absence. One of our longer-term aims is to generate a clearer view of the demographics of our workforce where chronic illness is concerned, to monitor our progress as an organisation in supporting chronic illness and to enable us to more accurately tailor our approach for the future. At Carillion, one of our six core corporate Values is openness. Where chronic illness is concerned, it is our intention that this Value should prevail, promoting acceptance of chronic illness, and assistance to those affected when and where required. We shall embed the principles of the Chronic Conditions Guides (developed through Responsibility Deals Health at Work Network) within HR policies and procedures to ensure that those with chronic conditions within our workplace are nurtured and managed in the best way possible with reasonable flexibilities and workplace adjustments.

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