Health Management Limited

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H2. Occupational Health Standards

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 5 March, 2012

Health Management (HML) achieved the SEQOHS accreditation following an audit in December 2011. HML provide two types of services to our clients;1. Occupational health services which may range from an absent management referral service only through to a full range of well-being, health and statutory services2. Supplying specialist occupational clinicians to existing occupational health departments. For those clients who contract HML to supply a range of occupational health services we will educate them through marketing materials of the benefits of the SEQOHS accreditation and the impact this will have on the quality of the service they receive.      For the latter group we will work closely with our clients that are required to obtain the accreditation themselves, such as the NHS Trusts and Police forces, to offer any support they may require to obtain the accreditation, while assuring them the clinicians HML provide will be accredited and work within the framework of the standards when at their locations.

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