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H7. Mental Health and Wellbeing

Committed since:

30 April, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 2 October, 2013

As an organisation Iceland readily embraces the requirement to continuously develop policies and procedures that reflect its responsibilities to support those in the workplace who suffer from mental health issues.

To underpin this over the last year we have worked collaboratively with MIND to design and deliver a 1 day development event on Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace. This has been delivered to all HR practitioners (Management and Advisor) in both Retail and Head Office. This workshop will continue to form part of the standard induction that any new HR Manager receives on joining the business.

There have been a number of best practices that have been drawn from this specialist development activity notably the introduction of the ‘Wellbeing Audit’ into our Attendance Management Procedures. This is a structured intervention that may be used proactively by the HR Manager / Store Manager when they become aware of any signs that a colleague may be facing mental health challenges.

The requirement and responsibility to consider reasonable adjustments in the workplace receives continuous business focus. Corporate recruitment materials have been reviewed and rewritten to place further emphasis and explanation for Managers involved in the recruitment process in terms of their responsibility to be vigilant in this area. We continue to develop further awareness amongst our Line Managers through the inclusion of this area of learning in Equality Workshops.

As a company we will continue to ensure ‘supported placements’ with colleagues who have mental health issues, collaborating with 3rd parties e.g. Shaw Trust, Enable and local government agencies thereby ensuring duty of care is exceeded and integration within the workplace is achieved.

Our continued membership of the Retail Trust will ensure access, for all company employees and their families, to a wide variety of areas offering specialist care including mental health.

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