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H1. Chronic Conditions Guide and Carers

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 20 December, 2011

Absence policy and management trainingWeve reviewed our absence policy in line with the chronic medical conditions guidance and confirm that such conditions are managed via the company medical management process, which enables managers and employees to openly discuss any health concerns or medical conditions which may prevent them from fully performing their role, including ways in which we can support the individual. Weve also reviewed our management training, which is currently being delivered within the business to build awareness and capability in managing employee attendance at work.Medical management process and redeploymentWhere employees may have been absent from work as a result of chronic conditions or any prolonged sickness absence, we consider phased return to work programmes, including temporary and permanent adjustments, to flexibly support the rehabilitation of employees back into work, whilst maintaining their health, wellbeing and safety. This is managed in conjunction with Healthcare Risk Management ensuring we meet our obligations under the Equality Act.Stress management policyWe encourage employees to recognise their own stress levels and raise any concerns as early as possible, in line with our stress management policy. Were currently refreshing our policy, including guidance for managers and employees on managing stress and we also have plans to introduce an appropriate training intervention later in the year.Employee assistance programme ~ provided by PPC (Positive People Company)We provide employees with access to an employee assistance programme, as part of our wellness @ work initiative. This is a free, confidential service, operated 24/7 (online and phone) for advice on all life events, including ill health and mental and physical wellbeing. We continue to review this provision to ensure that it is providing appropriate support for our employees. Healthcare Risk Management (HCRM)HCRM provides an integrated framework for the management of employee health, enabling us to identify and resolve any potential physical and psychological health risks, before they become a serious problem. Working in partnership with HCRM, Britvic aims to prevent and eliminate health risks within the business and mitigate and manage areas of risk, so theyre kept to an absolute minimum. HCRM operate a psychological and muscular skeletal care line and assist the business in obtaining relevant medical information, enabling the best support and options to be considered, which may include proposals for ill health retirement, or guidance for return to work programmes.HCRM have recently supported Britvic with a health and lifestyle assessment pilot, offering employees opportunity to participate in health screening and lifestyle assessments. This has proved to be successful and britvic is currently looking at proposals for this to be rolled out across the wider business. To monitor the ongoing success of the assessments, we plan to introduce measures. ReportingBritvic is currently reviewing reporting mechanisms, to ensure the capture and monitoring of activity in regards to both preventative measures promoting health and wellbeing, such as the percentage take-up of our cycle 2 work scheme and the management of employees with chronic conditions, through our case management dashboard.

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