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A7(a). Community Actions to Tackle Alcohol Harms

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1 January, 2013

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Submitted: 4 January, 2012

AIM - Alcohol in Moderation was established in 1991 as a not for profit indpendent organisation dedicated to work towards a culture of responsible drinking. Supported by a Council of 20 unpaid Professors and Medics who are specialists in the field of alcohol, AIM has strived for 20 years to ensure that if alcohol is consumed, it is drunk responsibly and in moderation.AIM critiques and peer reviews the evidence base of emerging papers on social, scientific and medical research, which is published on line 10 times a year. In addition AIM maintains a free to use database of summaries on social, medical and scientific findings via A global portal to responsible drinking websites for consumers is maintained via AIM is funded by subscription to its journal and responsible drinking outreach partnerships.AIM supports the provision of its journal free of charge to those working in the community to reduce alcohol related harm. This includes those working in local and national government, relevant charities and NGO's, the NHS and the academic community, enabling them to be informed of key national and International programmes and research regarding alcohol education, medical research, responsible drinking guidelines, drink drive initiatives and community based programmes for example. Those eligible can request a subscription by emailing As of Decmber 2011, 609 people in the UK are receiving AIM Digest on line free of charge.

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