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H2. Occupational Health Standards

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 20 December, 2011

The Occupational Health Department is a credible well established service offering a high standard of care and consistency of provision to NHS employees locally. The department has worked over the last 14 years to ensure all NHS staff have access to a competent, comprehensive and confidential occupational health service which meets the standards of delivery set out in department of health, NHS employers and NHS plus guidance and works to the standards and philosophies of the following reports/national guidance:•Working for a healthier tomorrow, Dame Carol Black, March 2008 •Occupational health and safety standards, issued by the NHS staff council •The management of health, safety and welfare issues in the NHS guidance issued by Department of Health, 2005. •The healthy workplaces handbook 2007, section 3, NHS employers •Management of health and safety at work regulations 1999 •Long-term sickness absence and incapacity for work, •The health and social care act 2008 code of practice for the NHS on the prevention and management of healthcare associated infections and related guidance, Department of Health •Ethical guidance from the Faculty of Occupational Medicine •NHS health and wellbeing, the Boorman review, November 2009 •Fair society, healthy lives - the Marmot review •Standards of service delivery are based in those announced in the NHS plan •Delivery of standards for occupational health services for NHS staff included in the improving working lives standard. •Services operates in line with local arrangements for clinical governance •Recognised best practice established in the codes of practice and ethics issued by main professional bodies (e.g. faculty of occupational medicine, the Royal College of Nursing) Application for Safe Effective Quality Occupational Health Service (SEQOHS) accreditation will allow the department the opportunity to build on extensive existing evidence based performance. Occupational health currently perform internal and relevant national audits (including full participation in all health and work development unit audits), internal service user satisfaction questionnaires are also ongoing. These are used to continually monitor and improve services. Services and standards are reviewed on a regular basis and in light of any changes to legislation, Department of Health guidance, or best practice guidelines. The timeline for Humber NHS FT to achieve accreditation is: August 2011 Mar 2012 - Evidence collation to meet standards March 2012 - Register apply for pre accreditation March 2012 - Complete online assessment tool March 2012 - Address results of online assessment April June 2012 - Apply for accreditation

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