Bowls Development Alliance

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P1. Physical Activity: Community

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 19 December, 2011

The Bowls Development Alliance (BDA)is tasked with bringing 12,000 more people 65+ into the sport of bowls by 2013 as an umbrella organisation for Bowls England, English Indoor Bowling Association Ltd, British Crown Green Bowling Association and English Short Mat Bowling Association.The challenge is to encourage and develop a closer working relationship between all four national governing bodies of bowls and introduce interventions in focused key areas that it is hoped will drive up participation.ActivitiesDevelop ten local alliance groups in ten counties that consist of representatives from each of the codes of bowls,coaching and key partners including local authorities and county sport partnerships.each group to develop a delivery plan that would support local clubs in their activities to increase membership.A further twelve focus towns/areas have been identified as having a high density of 65+. It is hoped to develop partnership working with key health and age agencies in these areas to piggy back bowls on to activities that are already happening or to develop new activities.Bowls4free - Offer four weeks free coaching to encourage new people to try the game and then join up as members.Have mat will travel - A bowls roadshow that travels around the country promoting the game to people of all ages.two transit vans are available to attend large scale events or venues complete with mats, bowls, table, chairs banners and marketing material. Local clubs volunteer on the day to assist in the running of the event and to signpost people into clubs near to them. Those interested in visiting a named club receive a voucher offering 1hr activity free of charge. It is hoped that the bowls roadshow will attend towns along the route of the London 2012 torch route offering people the chance to try the sport.Clubmark - In order to ensure all clubs are well run and have policies in place the BDA are encouraging two clubs from each intervention area to work towards achieving this kite mark.Facilities - The BDA are in the process of writing a facilities strategy that will identify the needs of clubs.improving facilities will help to sustain membership of local clubs and encourage new members to join.Bring a friend new - This is a new national iniative aimed at every bowls club in the country. Twice a year members will be encouraged to bring along a friend to the club who has not bowled before and encourage them to join up. Clubs that bring in the most new members will be awarded prizes.The BDA aim to raise the profile of the sport with improved marketing and promotion including the development of a new DVD.

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