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F6. Fruit and vegetables

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 15 November, 2012

We are committed to helping our customers make healthier food choices for themselves and their families. This includes encouraging customers to increase their consumption of fruit and vegetables through a variety of actions.Our pre-packed fruit and vegetables carry a 5-a-day message in a green dot, as does pure juice and eligible canned, dried and frozen products.Suitable Co-operative brand composite products; e.g.ready meals, carry a 5a-day message on front of pack subject to meeting nutritional criteria based on IGD Composite Foods Guidance.We offer a range of ready to cook and prepared vegetable products and our lunchtime meal deals include salads, prepared fruit pots and pure juice options. Our simply value range includes a variety of fresh, frozen and canned fruit vegetable lines.We run informative 5-a-day messages on till screens and on Co-operative radio. The Co-operative Food website has a dedicated 5 a day section which links to an interactive seasonal wheel highlighting which fruit vegetables are in season each month. We also emphasise seasonal recipes each month to encourage customers to use a variety of different produce. Fruit and vegetables lines are always included in promotional packages. The deals are included in promotional leaflets and feature in the Healthier Deals section of our website. Frozen vegetables are always included in promotion offer as a convenient way to get 5 a day.We ensure that at least 30% of our food promotions are for healthy offerings.As part of our sustainability education programme, Green Schools Revolution, The Co-operatives unique From Farm to Fork scheme enables primary school children to benefit from an interactive learning session and a hand-on tour of our farms to see how food including fruit and vegetables are grown. Children also learn about the importance of eating a varied and balanced diet in order to make good food choices. Over 75,000 primary school children have attended a From Farm to Fork visit. In addition to continuing existing activities in 2013 we will explore new ways of changing consumer behaviourand develop initiatives to make it easier for people to buy, try, cook, eat and enjoy a wider range of fruit and vegetables.We will:Use incentives to encourage customers to try more fruit and vegetables, for example money off coupons and direct mail.Incentivise customers through our unique Membership scheme by awarding extra bonus points on purchases of fruit and vegetables.Communicate the 5 a day message more prominently in store, on our website, on digital media and on our products.Introduce new and exciting products containing at least one of your 5 a day.Feature information and recipes incorporating fruit or vegetables in customer and staff publications and communications. This will include features on our own Farms and how and where fruit and vegetables are grown.Incorporate further signposting for healthy eating including fruit and vegetables along with food labelling information within the lesson plans for our Co-operative From Farm to Fork scheme.

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