Hampshire Constabulary

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H9. Domestic Violence

Committed since:

21 May, 2014

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 4 July, 2014

Hampshire Constabulary is committed to providing the best possible support to its employees who may be experiencing domestic abuse. To this end our action plan is:

1. Update the Force’s policy and procedure to include more detail as to where officers and staff are affected by domestic abuse. This now includes relevant up to date guidance for staff who might be supporting others within the workplace as well as for staff members themselves.

2. Develop and implement an effective communication strategy to publicise Hampshire Constabulary’s support for the pledge and the support available for staff affected by domestic abuse. This is to be used as an ongoing theme for any domestic abuse related internal or external communications work to effectively embed this awareness amongst staff.

3. Investigate different means of reducing barriers for employees to access help and support where they are affected by domestic abuse.

4. Embed domestic abuse workplace issues into supervisor and manager training.

These actions are in development and are being managed through the Domestic Abuse Management Group under the direction of the force domestic abuse lead.

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