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P4. Physical Activity in the Workplace

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 20 December, 2011

To help increase physical activity in the workplce we launched our 'wellness@work' employee wellbeing programme and will continue to modify our sites as required. As part of the launch this year we have already fitted/refurbished showers at many of our sites to encourage walking or cycling to work as well as exercise during lunch hours. We also ran a successful 10,000 step walking challenge across all sites this summer and plan another in 2012.Our 'My Choice' benefit scheme will promote 'cycle to work' and discounted gyms and there are plans for our new Head Office to feature a series of 6-week classes in yoga and kick-boxing, as well as holdding an outdoor bootcamp training in the summer. Measurements: We will measure these going forward via take up.In addition we are encouraging 'on site' wellness@work champions to start classes of their own and some have started lunchtime walking clubs, after work running clubs and midday pilates classes.Next year we also plan to work with our private health-care provider to modify and update our first site to go live with a gym area, providing a space for employees to work on their fitness.Our wellness@work programme has proved a popular part of our corporate responsibility strategy and so will continue to grow in this physical activity area. Access to wellness@work is available via our intranet site for employees to access at their leisure.Following a successful pilot of lifestyle screenings we plan to roll these out across the business next year so that all employees can benefit from a free lifestyle assessment screening, which will include a section on exercise questions and recommendations.

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