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Physical Activity

Annual Update:

Submitted: 16 June, 2013

We have increased the number of places available at Fitness Classes in our Home Offices and also introduced the option of using internal reward cards as payment for these classes. Across the business we have also doubled the number of events taking place as part of the Colleague Games (see below for details), and also offer subsidised gym membership at a number of gyms across the country. Participation in the Cycle to Work scheme has continued to increase, and more stores are continuing to request on site promotion events for this benefit.

We have continued to expand on site fitness classes in our Home Offices for colleagues. We have added additional sessions at different times in order to increase the number of colleagues able to participate, and also increased the activities on offer, introducing Zumba, Bootcamps (which sold out!) and most recently a running club. Our internal reward schemes provide cards which can be used in Asda House as payment for fitness classes. We are continuing to hold 'Colleague Games' a sporting competition open to colleagues from all stores, depots and home offices. We have doubled the number of events this year to widen the appeal, adding Kwik Cricket, Relay Running and Cycling to the existing events of Netball and Male and Female 5 aside Football. We have also made improvements to the showering & changing facilities in our Home Offices, including providing irons and hair straighteners to help take away potential barriers to people cycling, walking or running to work or exercising during the working day.

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