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P3. Active Travel

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 25 May, 2012

Dominos already takes a number of steps to encourage more active travel including the building of indoor bike racks at our new offices in Milton Keynes and the provision of excellent shower facilities for employees who choose to cycle, or walk, to work.In addition, we will investigate the possibility of purchasing some bicycles that employees can use at lunchtime either for recreation or as an alternative to driving to shops/food suppliers in the local area. We will also order pedometers for staff so they can begin to monitor the number of steps and, hence, the impact on their well being, from walking during their lunch hours again either for recreation or to reach local shops.We are also in the process of linking up with our private healthcare provider to offer a Vitality scheme to help employees adopt a healthier lifestyle both during working hours and in their own time. We can record the success of this programme both through the numbers who choose to get involved and through the scheme itself, which rewards positive behaviour through a points system.

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