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H4. Healthier Staff Restaurants

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 19 December, 2011

Our sustainability programme is called Do the right thing and covers four key areas of activity and focus: the environment, our consumers, our people and the workplace and our community.Historically we have always been active in all of these areas. H4 fits into the Our People area of our sustainability programme where our goal is to make A.G. Barr a phenomenal place to work. We have over 900 employees located at 11 sites across the UK. Each site has a Joint Communication Committee (JCC) made up of staff from each key team or work group based at that site. The JCC works to improve communication and consultation with staff.In order to deliver H4 our JCC will help us to formulate, communicate and action our delivery plans in partnership with our catering suppliers at site level.Our main Cumbernauld Head Office, production, distribution and warehousing site has a fully functioning staff canteen which has offered a wide range of food choices including healthy options for many years. Additionally food and confectionary vending machines are located at our sites at Cumbernauld, Wembley, Middlebrook, Tredegar and Forfar which offer staff a convenient source of food and snacks 24 hours a day. Each of our 11 sites operate multiple Findlays water coolers which provide all employees and visitors with free drinking water throughout the working day. In addition, multiple chillers located at each site provide a wide choice of free soft drinks including diet, no added sugar and 100% juice drink options.In 2008 Cumbernauld canteen was awarded the Healthy Living Award by the Scottish Consumer Council and Scottish Executive. The award was given for the simple steps taken by Cumbernauld canteen to provide healthier meals which included not using salt in cooking, grilling breakfasts, steaming vegetables and reduced fat options.Year 1:CUMBERNAULD CANTEENTo build on, and accelerate this success further we will work closely with our new catering partners for the Cumbernauld canteen, Compact Catering, on developing a multi-component programme which will deliver even more food choice on site and encourage our staff to make more healthier food choices whilst at work.This programme will include:full GDA values on all main course items by summer of 2012,offer the choice of low fat spreads and low salt,implementation of Cumbernauld's new Balanced Choice menu (see http://www.agbarr.co.uk for more details on the menu.Promotions information shotsIn collaboration with Compact Catering we will create promotions on a month-by-month basis which will include:A healthier option loyalty card,A 5 a day loyalty card,Healthier option meal deals,Theme days.A series of information leaflets will be available to staff which will offer simple, informative and practical advice on good nutrition and the importance of a balanced diet.VENDING CATERINGWe will discuss and implement with our vending machine lease partners and caterers who on an ad hoc basis supply lunchtime meals to some supplier meetings, measures to ensure that our healthier food requirements are met.

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