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P1. Physical Activity: Community

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 19 December, 2011

We will use our local presence to get more children and adults more active, more often including engaging families in activities whilst visiting us. With family values and family holidays at the core of our business we continue to strive to relate with many local communities around the UK. A number of initiatives are in place to support getting our community involvement increased. It has been highlighted by the team that we need to increase our presence in the community and increase our social responsibility.Some of the examples of this are:Opening up our pools to local communities where local council facilities are not easily accessible. This was already in existence at some sites but new relationships have been developed.Our Fun and Fitness campaign which gives away equipment to pre-schools in an effort to alter a sedentary lifestyle continues to flourish and is open to all pre-schools not only those in the local community. At the end of the season this year this was extended to some primary schools in the vicinity of our sites. Some of our team members including "characters"went and visited the schools and presented them with equipment to get them more active. This is a new expansion of our successful campaign.We have also worked with local pre-school groups to build gardens for the children with areas set aside for planting vegetables etc. so that they can actively create there own healthy food. Areas for encouraging wildlife so that they can enjoy the outdoor experience. These areas are planned by the locals and the manual labour and equipment supplied by our team.More rangers (green team) are being employed to encourage both children and adults to take an active involvement in the nature around our facilities. This is done in the way of lectures, guided nature walks, nature hunts etc. This was just in house for guests but we have encouraged local communities to take part this year.We are developing more sports coaches and facilities at our sites to deliver physical activities and hope to be able to offer to local communities going forward.

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