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H1. Chronic Conditions Guide and Carers

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 30 March, 2012

As part of our three-year health and wellbeing strategy launched in 2010 our aim is for our occupational health team to spend the majority of its time devoted to proactive wellbeing issues to complement its reactive support work. Progress is being made in this area facilitated by the introduction of a new occupational health database, which enables consistent data recording and reporting. Other aims include integrating our occupational health teams strategy with the broader objectives of the business, in particular ensuring we reduce our levels of sickness absence to below three per cent and reducing the number of days lost from accidents by 50 per cent. A healthy workforce is vital to the future success of our business. In order to achieve our aims we have put in place a number of health awareness programmes including:- Free health MOTS for all staff- Health awareness campaigns- Introducing a proactive approach to wellbeingFree health MOTS for all staff As part of our drive to help staff live healthier lives we introduced free health MOT checks that are carried out by our team of occupational health advisers. The MOTs allow staff to get tailored advice on how they can improve their lifestyles and they include a cholesterol check, a BMI test and a blood pressure check. Last year over 900 staff took advantage of this free service.The British Heart FoundationAs part of our partnership with the British Heart Foundation, their nurses will be supporting our occupational health teams health MOT campaign and they will be providing staff with advice and healthy living literature. Health awareness campaigns As well as offering staff free health checks we also run health awareness campaigns during the year that focus on key health issues. These have included campaigns about bowel cancer, heart conditions, stress and relaxation. As well as health hubs at each of our manufacturing sites the occupational health team also run a bespoke health website our staff can access both at home and at workTo help managers, and to support employees with chronic conditions in the workplace, the Occupational Health team have developed a number of support programmes such as physiotherapy, counselling, the use of specialist consultants and rehabilitation processes. In addition to this we will continue to make workplace adjustments to support individuals with chronic conditions, to allow them to complete their daily duties as easily as is practically possible. These adjustments range from flexible working arrangements, to modification to the work place such as the installation of automatically opening doors, lifts, workstation adjustments, seating etc. Full details of our achievement and commitments to safety and wellbeing in the workplace can be found in our Corporate Responsibility report at:- http://investor.dairycrest.co.uk/ir/dcg/html/corporate-responsibility-2011/index.htm

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