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P5. Physical Activity Inclusion

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 25 January, 2012

English Federation of Disability Sport (EFDS), http://www.efds.co.uk, is the national body responsible for developing sport and physical activity for disabled people in England. As a registered charity, our vision is equality in sport and physical activity. Current statistics indicate 93% of the 10 million disabled people living in the UK are not regularly active; reinforcing EFDSs strong commitment to their Inclusive Fitness Initiative (IFI) national programme. The IFI actively supports the health and fitness industry to become more inclusive, alongside promoting awareness and raising physical activity participation levels amongst disabled people. By working with key partners to provide quality experiences and improved access to healthy lifestyle opportunities the IFI work together with the fitness industry to improve health inequalities.Under the Physical Activity Inclusion Pledge, EFDS will drive IFI Mark accreditation to support and recognise the achievements and commitment of leisure facilities in enabling disabled people to become physically active. The IFI Mark process will continue to offer leisure facilities an expert review of current levels of access and inclusive service provision across the following key areas:1) Operational policies, procedures and physical venue accessibility; to ensure users access expectations and needs are met. 2) Training and workforce development; to ensure staff are skilled and qualified to confidently deliver high levels of customer care and service provision. 3) Inclusive fitness equipment; to enable members to access a full body workout which meets both their functional and training aspirations. 4) Inclusive marketing, communications and engagement strategies; to encourage facilities to maximize and monitor their usage by disabled people. 5)Sports development activities; to provide additional pathways and choice for disabled people to maintain active lifestyles. The IFI Mark provides leisure facilities with a framework for continuous improvement through the recognition of good practice. It identifys gaps in provision and provides an action plan for future priorities, to offer disabled people more choice and opportunities to enjoy the benefits of physical activity. The programme has been, and will continue to be, developed in consultation with our partners to ensure its ongoing relevance and value to the leisure industry and disabled people. As a Responsibility Deal partner EFDSs new activities will be to:Support 750 leisure facilities through the IFI Mark assessment process by March 2014, enabling them to remove barriers to participation faced by disabled people. Facilitate disability training for at least 2500 leisure centre staff by March 2014. Campaign to promote physical activity for disabled people, driving up demand at a national and local level, engaging disabled individuals, health professionals and the wider leisure industry. Collate and distribute proven best practice through our new resourced-based website (April 2012).Work with British Swimming to incorporate IFI Mark accreditation requirements into their Swimming Pool Accreditation Scheme. Provide greater connectivity for the fitness industry with disabled people through registering IFI Mark accredited facilities with user-led information sharing websites.To learn more, please contact us: Website: http://www.efds.co.uk Email: ifi@efds.co.uk Telephone: 01509 227750 Twitter: http://twitter.com/Incl_Fitness

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