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P2. Physical Activity Guidelines

Committed since:

5 January, 2015

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 23 February, 2015

County Sports Partnerships are uniquely placed in that they can take national evidence based messages and attach them to local opportunities for the public, with a specific focus on the inactive populations. CSPs are all locally based, with involvement in delivery, commissioning and support of programmes such as Sportivate (focussing on inactive 11-25 year olds), National Governing Body Sport specific programmes (eg. back to netball), Sainsbury's School Games, and supporting volunteers and the local workforces. For details of each CSP as well as an overview of the network visit County Sports Partnerships act as a single point of contact for sport and physical activity. CSPs signpost, share information and promote activities and opportunities in their Partnership area. CSP’s lead local marketing campaigns, and have excellent links with a range of stakeholder to help raise the profile and improve promotion of sport activities and events

From March 2015, all CSPs have committed to regular social media messaging that promote local opportunities and attcach them to the #150minutes (or age appropriate) message and/or the CMO guidelines. This can be achieved through partners or as part of an extended programme as well as through internal communications.
In addition, every CSP website will have a page or link which outlines the CMO guidelines or a mechanism for referring people to the DH site for further information, downloads and factsheets for various age groups.

39 CSP Workplace Challenge websites will highlight the 150 minute message through activity logging and links to appropriate websites and messaging in newsletters which has reached 29,000 people to date.

All CSPs will use the hashtag #150minutes so the impact of our messaging can be measured through one, universal, simple message (for adults). All CSPs will refer to the DH webpages for factsheets and specific recommendations for each age group to ensure messaging is accurate and not diluted

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