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A8(b). Responsible can packaging

Committed since:

5 December, 2014

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 9 January, 2015

Carlsberg UK wants to demonstrate leadership in promoting responsible drinking, preventing alcohol misuse and presenting a balanced view of alcohol-related issues. We believe this is best done voluntarily and by working in partnership with other key stakeholders.

In an effort to demonstrate our own commitment and leadership on responsible drinking, we will commit to reviewing our portfolio in order to not sell any carbonated product containing more than four units of alcohol in a single-serve can. Our commitment is to implement this across our portfolio during 2015.

It remains our strong view that there is no such thing as a problem product, but there are problem drinkers who misuse certain products. We believe the effective solution to this is targeted interventions – including initiatives such as enforcement, appropriate treatment and greater education to inform drinkers' personal choice and enable them to take personal responsibility – and this is why we continue to play a leading role in the development of education programmes. However we do recognise the concern around Carlsberg Special Brew and Skol Super 9% ABV 500ml can size, and it is with this concern in mind that we make this commitment.

This commitment is also made with the intent that key stakeholders recognise the change, and that these products should now be seen as 'socially responsible'. Our delivery is subject to that recognition and that local regulators cease in banning these products following implementation of the changes being made.

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