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F10. Out of Home maximum per serving salt targets

Committed since:

17 July, 2014

Annual Update:

Submitted: 28 April, 2015

Meeting the target means that all your products in this category meet this target maxima. It is acceptable to indicate that a category has been achieved if, by exception there are products above the target maxima and efforts have been made to reduce the salt in these to a minimum. Such exceptions are limited to 1 product in 20 across your product / menu range.

For each of the 24 targets, please indicate below whether or not you have achieved a salt target, still working towards it or if it is not applicable. If you are indicating that the target has been achieved and there is an exceptional product in that category not meeting the maxima, please indicate so and the reasons for this in the commentary box that has been provided for each main product category. This box can also be used for additional quantitative information. For example, the percentage of products meeting the maximum target, the percentage reduction achieved.

1. Potato products

2. Burgers

3. Breaded chicken portions and pieces

4. Battered or breaded seafood based meals

5. Pies

6. Sauce based main dishes

7. Beef steaks, grilled chicken and roast main meals

8. Sandwiches

9. Pasta meals

10. Pizzas

11. Children's meals

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