Bridgeway Consulting Ltd

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H10. Construction and Civil Engineering Industries

Committed since:

1 December, 2014

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 6 February, 2015

Bridgeway believes that an effective Occupational Health and Wellbeing programme is essential in the safe and successful delivery of the work we undertake, as good health will have a positive effect on our employees and their immediate families

Our Vision
• To have a better workforce in relation to health and physical, social and psychological wellbeing
• A culture which demonstrates health at work is everybody’s responsibility
• To help our staff understand that working for the rail industry is a long, productive and attractive career
• To be legally compliant and moving towards industry Best-in-Class

Our Aims
Bridgeway’s occupational health and wellbeing extends proactively to go beyond providing a clinical and emergency response service by:
• Eliminating preventable ill health;
• Limiting exposure to health risk;
• Reducing absence due to work -related illness;
• Rehabilitating workers
• Enhancing well-being.
• Providing health facilities and support for our employees and promoting wellness so they are fit to work each day

Ultimately we want to make healthy choices the easy choices for our employees. Bridgeway employee health and wellbeing is our priority. As a result, our end objective is a very simple one: We will work together so that everyone returns home safely at the end of every day.

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