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P4. Physical Activity in the Workplace

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 19 December, 2011

Our sustainability programme is called Do the right thing and covers four key areas of activity and focus: the environment, our consumers, our people and the workplace, and our community. Historically we have always been active in all of these areas. P4 fits into the Our People area of our sustainability programme where our goal is to make A.G.Barr a phenomenal place to work. We have over 900 employees located at 11 sites across the UK. Each site has a Joint Communication Committee (JCC) made up of staff from each key team or work group based at that site. The JCC works to improve communication and consultation with staff. In order to deliver P4 each JCC at site level will help us to formulate, communicate and action a multi-component programme to encourage and support our employees to be more physically active in the work place. As a first step each JCC will nominate a member of staff to take on the role of the Barr Physical Activity Champion (PAC) for their site. The 11 PACs will report into our Organisational Development Manger who will Chair a quarterly meeting with them to review our physical activity plans by site, share ideas and learnings and maintain a consistent approach to the programme across the business.Year 1- We will invest in training for our 11 PACs to enable them to have the confidence and knowledge required to fulfil their role.- The PACs will develop and implement at their site 2 physical activity in the workplace initiatives in 2012.- All staff will be encouraged to complete their own workplace challenge in 2012 based around increasing their physical activity in the workplace:We will encourage all staff within travelling distance of our key road race sponsorships to consider entering and training properly for one of them in 2012. These include: The Mens Health Forum Scotland 10k (Glasgow), The Womens 10k (Glasgow), The Great Scottish Run (Glasgow), The Edinburgh Marathon, The KILOMATHON Edinburgh and The KILOMATHON London. We will continue to support all staff who decide to participate in these or any other A.G.Barr sponsored road race events by providing free race entry.We will provide additional information at each site on walking and cycling routes in the local area.We will encourage colleagues and visitors to use the stairs rather than the lifts whenever possible.We will provide information on local opportunities to be more physically active to include special membership offers for colleagues with local health clubs and physical activity centres negotiated by our JCCs.We will encourage all employees to walk, cycle or use other modes of transport involving physical activity (to travel to and from work as part of their working day). For those choosing to do this the JCC will help each interested employee at their site to develop a travel plan to work.

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