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H2. Occupational Health Standards

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 27 September, 2012

As we committed in our pledges, we annually review the service provided by our Occupational Health Advisor. This year we decided, after a thorough review, that the service provided to us was not up to the standards we set. We want to offer our employees the best service and care possible, and therefore decided to tender new suppliers. We chose a new one we believe will be able to provide us with services to the standards we expect. We have clearly defined with them what we expect, and we ensured that the new provider was accredited to the new standards. Our new provider started with us in June, and we have been following up regularly on the services provided. We ask for regular feedback from our employees about the standard of the service, and so far, the feedback has been positive.We plan to integrate our OHS into our more general "Active Health" programme, which encourages our employees to lead healthy lives.

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