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Annual Update:

Submitted: 30 April, 2014

Fruit & Vegetable Activity:
We reformulated existing products and introduced new products and where eligible included 5 a day messaging on pack subject to criteria based on the IGD composite foods guidance.

We have incentivised customers to purchase more fruit and vegetables using various marketing techniques. We began by trialling a coupons-at-till campaign targeting our members who had a weekly spend of less then £1 per week on fruit and vegetables. The coupon offered a £1 discount on a minimum £3 spend on fresh, frozen, canned and dried fruit and vegetables. Over 90,000 members took advantage of the four week campaign leading to an uplift in fruit and vegetable sales. We repeated the campaign another 3 times throughout 2013 and plan to continue using this incentive at various times of the year ongoing.We also used direct mail in January 2013 to provide recipes using seasonal vegetables and also including four coupons for the same value as the coupons at till. For one entire promotional period all of our produce range was included in a 'buy 4 for the price of 3' promotion. We always include fruit and vegetables offers in every promotional period throughout the year.

Our free, customer 'Food' Magazine- incorporates fruit  and vegetables wherever possible in recipes, always at least two recipes per edition are based on seasonal vegetables or fruit. All recipes in magazines and other communications highlight where a recipe contains at least 1of your 5 a day per serving.

We run informative 5-a-day messages on till screens and on Co-operative radio. The Co-operative Food website has a dedicated 5 a day section which links to an interactive seasonal wheel highlighting which fruit & vegetables are in season each month. We also emphasise seasonal recipes each month to encourage customers to use a variety of different produce.

In January 2014, we encouraged employees to try fruit as a snack by giving away free pears as they arrived at the Support Centre in the morning, and we have recently enagaged with customers through our 'Talking shop' tool to gain insight into what initiatives help them increase their fruit and vegetable intake so that we can develop our plans to progress this pledge activity throughout 2014 and beyond.

Calorie pledge:
Calorie criteria for our healthier range lunchtime/convenience foods:
450kcals per complete ready meal; 350kcals lunchtime products, 200kcals meal accompaniments & desserts, 100kcals for snacks.

The categorisation of our recipes by calorie ranges has been temporarily put on hold, but is part of the next phase of our website development.

The Co-operative Group sponsors six Academies (3 primary and 3 secondary). All six meet the Children's Food Trust guidelines encouraging healthy eating.

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